What Should You Ask the Professionals before Buying a Water Purifier?


There are many things that you have to be prudent about if you want the best results. If you purchase a product, make sure that you are sure about it. You have to be clear about everything before you get it home. Talking about water purifiers, you must get into the details before you reach out to a decision.

You can easily get Aquaguard customer care number if you want to talk to the professionals related to the water purifier. But what if you don’t know what to ask and where to start from? Come on, if you won’t pose questions, it might be your loss only. You have to be careful about what you are asking and how you are doing it.  There are many questions that you can ask before you purchase a water purifier. Have a look below:

  • The first question that should be on your list is about if the providers are certified as a Certified Water Specialist, Certified Sales Representative, or even Certified Installer? After all, you won’t buy a product or allow anyone to settle your water purifier right? These water purifiers are sensitive and delicate and everyone cannot work on them. Only a certified water professional can get you the bests it would not make sense if your product gets out of order because a person repairs or installs it in a wrong manner.
  • Then you have to find out if the provider has the contractor’s license, business license, or liability insurance if these are the things needed in your area. Come on, license is one such thing that talks about the roots of the service provider.
  • You must inquire about their working history and ways too. For example don’t hesitate to ask them about how have they been in business, and who can you call for a referral? Once you have these things in mind, you can be apparent about whom to reach and when.
  • You can also ask the professionals questions like if the water quality issues in your home need whole-house treatment, or would you be okay with a single-tap or other Point-of-Use tool or device?
  • The next question pops up is if the device the service provider is recommending treats enough water to accommodate your family’s needs?
  • Then finances are one important and shaking thing. You have to be clear about this thing. You can ask about the total purchase price, and how much more can you expect to pay to upkeep and maintain the system year in and year out? Once you have an estimate of how many pennies you might have to spend every six months or year for water purification maintenance you can keep yourself ready.
  • Finally do not forget to find out if they are going to be installing and servicing the device? Is that free, and if not, what would it cost?


Thus, once you purchase any water purifier, make sure you have asked all these questions well in time.

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